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Jun 17, 2021
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❌ Jobseekers, don’t send ‘thank you’ emails.

You are not helping yourself, I’ll explain.

If you interviewed well they will choose you.

If you interviewed poorly they won’t.

A ‘thank you’ email won’t change their minds.

You just met with them less than 24 hours ago.

They still talk about how good or bad you are.

You don’t need to remind them you exist.

🧐 When is an email good to follow up with?

  • When you promised you’d share a contact
  • When something you shared caught their attention and seem interested to learn more
When you are genuinely interested about something they mentioned (e.g. surgery)

In simple words, when there’s more than just a ‘thank you.’

While most candidates send ‘thank you’ emails, ask yourself, what can I do to stand out?

If you are not different than all the other robots, why would they be in a rush to hire you?

Who wants to become an Interview Sniper and get the offer at their next interview? 😃

If you happen to read up to this point:
  • I am not encouraging to be ungrateful
  • I am not discouraging to say 'thank you'
  • A true 'thank you' email is not for follow up
  • If you want to follow up then just follow up
  • Say 'thank you' and truly mean it next time


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May 04, 2021
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