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Trusted Seed, TokenEngineeringCommons
Jul 01, 2021

Since July, @metagov_project  has been conducting ethnographic research of SourceCred.

“Amplifying evidence of what people do/have done is more than a calculation; it’s an action that shifts culture too.” 
— @ElinorRennie

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Open Source Technical Leader, Cisco
Jan 10, 2020
Google Open Source Programs Office funds a grant for the University of Vermont Complex Systems Center, to further the state of open source research. Initiated by Amanda Casari and myself, we hope to make headway in examining open source from a comprehensive perspective and understanding the nuances that make open source such a unique ecosystem.

This grant establishes OCEAN, or Open source Complex Ecosystems And Networks, a multi-disciplinary project with the initial foci:

  • How people, teams, and organizations thrive in technology-rich settings.
  • Trade-offs between organizational structure and the spread of ideas and information.
  • Investigating how scientists and software developers use computational and collaborative tools and platforms.
  • Understanding what conditions allow individuals and communities to succeed in open source software and open science.
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