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I crafted the "Travel Terminal", an in-depth internal resource document with suggestions on making the most of business trips. This included tips on how to avoid lost time in transit, increase safety, and improve efficiency for our team. The document also outlined general expectations & best practices so our team could maximize available benefits & plan accordingly. 
Operations Specialist, Fleetio
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Coordinated with Product, Sales, Marketing & Strategy teams to update our pricing & billing structure using Chargify. 

Pricing & billing are complicated. And when it goes wrong, it touches your customers deeply. It was important to me that this was as seamless as possible for every customer, and that I could explain it thoroughly when questions popped up. (Also: that no credit cards were erroneously charged 😭)

With multiple plans and options, there was a lot of playing around in a testing environment for this one. Also, math is hard sometimes. 🙃
Operations Specialist, Fleetio

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Nov 29, 2021
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Started a discussion in open-sauced/open-sauced around every techies' favorite topic, naming things! A dire conquest to stay as neutral as possible, while still keeping a small semblance of relevance and utility in remembering, not what it's doing, but what you wanted to do over there!

The key takeaways or TL;DR:

1. Some repositories are in dire need of some more sensible naming, the more platforms a repo can be available on, the simpler the naming should be:
- @open-sauced/release <- @open-sauced/semantic-release-conventional-config
- @open-sauced/commit <- @open-sauced/conventional-commit
- @open-sauced/check-engines

2. Some of the very old and very new repositories could have their brand or code name repurposed as deployment environments while keeping a very small relevance suffix, descriptive of the application type, like:
- -action
- -integration
- -api
- -bot

What do you think they should be called? Join the @open-sauced discussions on GitHub and help decide (spoiler alert), what the hot sauce ingredients should really be called! 🍕🍕🍕

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Made a valuable contribution to NsdHSO/vorkurt, leveraging a beta version of the upcoming @open-sauced/semantic-release-conventional-config version 3 in order to deploy an angular@12 application to GitHub Pages, its docker build to GitHub container registry and adopting conventional commits using @open-sauced/conventional-commit shortcut utility!
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Launched Freshtrak to allow our food bank clients to schedule curbside pickup of donated food. This provides our clients with a solution to receive the same food they would pick up at a "mega" distribution event but at the time and place of their choosing and in a manner much more similar to a curbside pickup from their local grocer.  
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Launched OrderAhead in San Antonio to provide families-in-need with a convenient and private means to select from available products to build free "orders" of healthy food that best meets their personal dietary requirements and preferences.