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Created my first "Eclectic Video Mix"
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My discord community playlist got a new August update with 24 songs voted on and submitted by the community! All submissions for both opportunities are done through my discord so make sure you join the server and get active!
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#freshpicks is now updated on @audiomack with 35 new songs/artists you need to check out. This updates cover artist is @amindi! This playlist is a curated playlist I do with Audiomack which has accumulated 70,000 streams for independent and emerging artists. I'm proud of this playlist :)
Aug 03, 2021
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Love putting the audience on to some overlooked talent... give them their flowers

May 29, 2020
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BLACK ANGST; a playlist of Black Songs, Black Feelings & Songs for Black Feelings. Curated by me during and in reflection of periods of extreme racial injustice.

There's a sort of narrative/thematic progression that I incorporated by using the track sequencing. It starts with spoken word pieces which comment on racial injustice, then follows a spectrum of different feelings. The journey from militancy, to sadness, to anger, to love and self-acceptance, all in the pursuit of catharsis through music.

Artwork by:

Joshua Solas | Jamaica

Listen here:
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Don't we all just love Independent Rap Music?

I have just updated the Radio Ready Rap/Hip Hop playlist. How is it sounding?