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Learning a new language
When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, in-person instruction for everyone from kindergarten students to adult cooking classes came to a halt. Of course, language-learning was no exception, and the pandemic set back my ambitious plans to become fluent in German by at least a year.

After watching my knowledge degrade, I decided I would try online courses again and resume my quest to obtain German language certification. My opinions on the approach lean negative, but I also realize it's the best option we have until in-person can be safe once again. After 100 hours of study and one successful certification under my belt, here is my review of Lingoda's offering.

Learning a new language
Receiving a Certification
Got my B1 Certificate from Goethe Institut. Don’t tell anyone, I’m going to have to speak German more if they find out.
Oct 15, 2019
Teaching a language
Learning a new language
Building a Community
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Language Exchange: English & Spanish (and some Galician)

While in Spain, I not only held private English lessons but participated in language exchanges as well! 

Every week, I met with language exchange partners to converse in English and Spanish, alternating between weeks. This was beneficial because I got to practice my Spanish with a native (and vice versa). 

Through these opportunities, I was able to make new friends, learn more about the Spanish culture, and adapt better to my new, temporary home. 

I was also lucky to be in the autonomous community of Galicia. The Galicians and the region have shown me an entirely different side of Spain than what I've previously experienced and learned about. I even picked up some Galician phrases and words while living there! 
Private Language Tutor, self-employed
Learning a new language
Toki Pona
Started reading a book
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Started learning a new language containing just 120 words called Toki Pona.

Learning German
Learning a new language
Started learning German!