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Oct 27, 2021
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Omg, got followed by @Polywork 🥺❤️ I never thought this would come true.
I feel so comfortable to share my projects/achievements here. I also get to take a look at other Polyworkers, who share about their projects/achievements/careers/hobbies/food and so much more. Polywork is definitely a great place filled with collaboration opportunities.
Wrote about polywork
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Did you try Polywork's new comment feature? 
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Wrote about polywork
What is Polywork? It's a place everyone can truly be oneself! 🍻 I just wrote this and share my feelings with Chinese Internet users.
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 Polywork – das neue Business Netzwerk

  Was neue soziale Netzwerke angeht, bin ich oft skeptisch. Viele werden in der Marketing Blase gehyped und es entsteht ein bisschen FOMO. Am Ende ist es nur eine kurze Welle und es bleibt nicht viel Substantielles. Doch hier geht es heute im Polywork und wir wollen einen Blick auf die neue Plattform werfen.
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 Polywork - the new business network

I'm often skeptical about new social networks. Many get hyped in the marketing bubble and a bit of FOMO ensues. In the end, it's just a short wave and not much of substance remains.
But here we go today at Polywork and we want to take a look at the new platform.
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