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Aug 06, 2021
Traveled to the beach
Traveled to Spain
Recently travelled to Ibiza..much needed break from my WFH schedule. Hoping to work from real workplace soon :) 
Traveled to the beach
Photographed a landscape
It's been a long time since i went to the beach. Almost a year ago
Jul 18, 2021
Traveled to the beach
A much needed break
Traveled to the beach
Filmed a video
Happy Sunday! ❤️
Traveled to a new country
Moved to Indonesia
After going back and fourth to Bali throughout the years I finally made the move to pack up my life and settle down on the beautiful island in Indonesia. This was more than just an impulse of my inner-self, this was also me coming out of my shell and allowing the world to see me, Johnny, as the creative I've always been but too shy to show. My pursuit has lead me to living a very colourful life here and I couldn't be happier. Excited for everyone, including myself, to see what is to come!