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Conducted user research
Wrote a user research brief
Designed a mock-up in Figma
Designed Desktop web UI
Designed UI components
Prototyped a Design
Conducted Product Usability Research
Conducting Product Discovery & Research
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I worked with the Design and Product team from Lilt to create prototypes for one of their internal project management tool, Service Hub.
  • Conducted user interviews with expert users
  • Wrote research report 
  • Designed interactive prototypes
  • Designed UI components 
Managed a Designer
Conducted user research
Working on Service Hub, the internal product designed to give our internal project management team superpowers. Work includes:

  • managing the ongoing design and providing feedback
  • figuring out technical feasibility of adapting the design to our internal process toolset
  • implementing parts of the UI using our internal process toolset
  • working with internal Operations teams on building out the dashboards
Nov 09, 2021
Met the team
Finally got to meet my teammates working in Valencia (and their pets) ❤️
Product Manager, XING
Jun 21, 2021
Shadowed a UX/UI Designer
Conducting Product Discovery & Research
I completed training with the certificate of the first steps course at Figma, to work in consultancy as a specialist in digital solutions, to research discoveries and improvements in the user experience in digital services in the brazilian financial public sector (corporate and private).
Built something new
Launched a new product

Today the team at StepZen launches GraphQL Studio to make GraphQL significantly easier to adopt and use for any size project.
It’s an intuitive and streamlined GraphQL IDE that delivers a suite of popular and useful APIs that StepZen has transformed into flexible GraphQL schemas, and that can be used in any combination. These include content management systems (CMS), eCommerce, social media, developer productivity tools, and even data stores like Airtable.
We've prebuilt some of these combinations that do everything from serving local currencies to your users to doing sentiment analysis for social media data.

Launched a new product

Launched Material Theme Builder, a tool to visualize dynamic color, build a custom theme, and export to code. Available as a Figma plugin and on the web.

Our Material 3 Design Kit and Material 3 Component libraries have been updated to reflect the new design tokens and their assigned roles. In Figma, Material Theme Builder generates these tokens as Figma styles. Material Theme Builder exports design tokens directly as a Design Systems Package (DSP), and theming code for our Material 3 libraries on Android Views and Jetpack Compose.
Design Advocate, Google, Material Design
Product demonstration

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