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I've been doing some prep reading over the last few weeks to get ready for a new job. Some of these are close reads, some of these are more for skimming, but I've gotten something valuable out of all of them.

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Dec 13, 2021
Sent a user survey
Gathering feedback from our users has always been one of my favorite things about customer support. 

At Polywork, we like to learn things and execute them quickly. So, we sent out a survey to a sizeable number of users to learn what may not be working for them. The data is gold! Also, teamwork is so crucial and I am grateful our team here at Polywork is so smart and kind.
Head of CS, Polywork
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Discovered User Pain Point
Product analysis
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Observations of Margot

Pain points

To frame the problem, I dived into Margot's scheduling feature. It gave me insights into the pain points from the lens of a user.

  1. The scheduling process is lengthy, where mentees fill in all the personal details every time they want to schedule a session with a mentor. It occurs despite the user being logged in.
  2. While booking, there is a high chance of mentees giving up, especially when providing multiple time slots. 


After consolidating the pain points, I made two main observations while also respecting the needs of users and the business.

  1. When users (mentees) schedule a session with a mentor, they are more likely to make mistakes while filling up a lengthy form. It could make the users overwhelmed and lead to a high dropout rate. If there are not enough meetings being scheduled with talented mentors, this could affect Margot's livelihood.
  2. When users (mentees) finish scheduling a session with a mentor, users expect a confirmation notification. However, if the confirmation is not immediate, users think they got duped, which leads to a loss of trust. It could prove fatal for Margot's reputation.
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Competitive analysis
Information Architecture
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Study similar products

We considered the following products for our inspiration since the concept is similar. Analyzed the information architecture of these products to see how the content is structured.
  • Airbnb
Sep 28, 2021
Led a discussion
Refactoring a front-end feature
Worked on front-end development
Hosted a round table discussion
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Yesterday the initiative I led to adopt a front-end UI library reached a conclusion. We have decided to move through with adopting material ui. I'm quite excited for this change. As much as I like writing CSS, it will be nice to have somewhere to reach to for faster front-end development. 
Software Engineer, Agency Spotter
Aug 11, 2021
Hosted a round table discussion
Design fiction
Building a Community
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I'm super excited to restart General Seminar. I'll be hosting GSN°6 "Augment Reality" to discuss what it would be like to live in an augmented reality world.