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Created by Jordan Skole, VP of Product Growth at Autobooks
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Launched a Product
Wanted to share the amazing work that the team has produced to launch – a new and exciting community of people passionate about trialling new products, powered by SoPost.
Head of Product, SoPost
Aug 24, 2012
Created a user journey flow
Presented a Design Concept
Launched a website
Shaped a project
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One of the first professional webdesign projects working within an agency. We did it as a team, from identity and packaging design to web development strategy. It's very interesting to see how much the internet has changed and also the design standards (and the knowledge I had at the time).

My work included:
  • Participate in customer meetings as a listener
  • Use tools to manage activities
  • Hand draw wireframes
  • Acting with the development of graphic elements for web and app store.
Implemented new product pricing
Launched a new pricing model
Coordinated with Product, Sales, Marketing & Strategy teams to update our pricing & billing structure using Chargify. 

Pricing & billing are complicated. And when it goes wrong, it touches your customers deeply. It was important to me that this was as seamless as possible for every customer, and that I could explain it thoroughly when questions popped up. (Also: that no credit cards were erroneously charged 😭)

With multiple plans and options, there was a lot of playing around in a testing environment for this one. Also, math is hard sometimes. 🙃
Operations Specialist, Fleetio
Oct 10, 2021
Analyzed Target Audiences
Identified the Competition and their Gaps
Had a brainstorm
+ 1
Brainstormed our potential audience and the gaps that are existing in the industry. Analyzing this helped direct us towards a path that can benefit a lot of students.

At the same time, we realized that we had very far from our initial idea and the solution was completely different now. That is definitely not a bad thing; goes to show how important talking to users is. 
Oct 03, 2021
Conducted user interviews
Identified the Problems
Our team interviewed 25+ people from our target audience and got real insights into their current situation, how they're dealing with it, and the problems.
Attended Pendomonium
It’s been pretty cool learning how to be more product-led from Pendo ! Glad I attended Pendomonium! #PNDM21

Can’t wait to apply everything I learned to my projects.

Also, why didn’t anyone tell me Raleigh was so cool?!