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Jan 21, 2022
Started a new job
My journey consuming and practicing service design is entering a new phase. I'm joining a civic design consultancy as a Design strategist.

I'm equal parts excited, anxious, but mostly hopeful that I'll be able to expose my self to new mental models and patterns of thought. 
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Started a new job
Excited to join NexHealth, working on changing how doctors, patients, and developers interact with our health care systems!
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Starting a new role at Infosys
First full-time job

Infosys Limited

Operations Executive

Contributing to works on 'Mainframe Technologies-All'
Jan 18, 2022
Started a new role
Non-Profit Organization
I'm starting a new role at SheSharp: Director of Strategy!

As Director of Strategy for SheSharp, I am responsible for creating and driving execution of strategy. I work with the rest of the SheSharp team as well as external partners, sponsors, and speakers to craft programming that aligns with the organization’s objectives and reflects the diversity of the community.

My work with SheSharp is on a volunteer basis, like the rest of our organizing body 💪
Started a new job
Beyond thrilled to have started at Solvemate as Lead Product Manager at the beginning of this year.

Solvemate develops Conversational AI technology that helps Customer Service teams automate their workflows and improve their end-customer experience by decreasing waiting times, removing manual labor, and automating those bits tedious and tiresome to humans.

Over the next few months, I'll be focusing on product strategy and coaching for the team.

I look forward to the rest of this journey! 🚀
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Started a new role at Showwcase
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I've joined @ShowwcaseHQ as a Community Lead. Super Excited.