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Stephan Feil



Nov 05, 2016
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My first bigger public exhibition of my photography work during #Altonale in #Hamburg, together with a friend of mine, Larissa Lae (Sculptures). 

I should have done it so much earlier...

Lesson learned: Never give up a dream, follow your instincts. 
And then just DO IT. You already have a "NO", so you can only win... :)

Thanks to #Kunstherbst by #Altonale and #Nikon
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48 Stories (

For Israelis, May 1948 marks the creation of the State of Israel. For Palestinians, it marks the Nakba (‘catastrophe’): more than 700.000 Palestinians were forced out of their homes. Today – exactly 70 years later – those 700.000 have exceeded six million. 48 Stories presents the personal stories of Palestinians who witnessed the events and shows where they live today.

48 Stories sheds new light on the representation of the Palestinian diaspora. The project documents the memories and everyday lives of Palestinians, both 1948 survivors and their descendants. Many of them live in Gaza, the West Bank or Israel but the vast majority is spread around the world; they are based in (former) refugee camps in Lebanon, Syria or Jordan, have settled in countries like the US, Chile and the Netherlands. They have become shop owners, doctors, political activists or university professors. While they are scattered geographically, they share the hope of one day acquiring the right of return. However, being rooted in new homelands and without any sign of reconciliation of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it is unlikely that they will ever resettle.

Between 2016 and 2018, 7 photographers and filmmakers captured the experiences of Palestinians across the globe. 48 Stories shows a community whose members, although geographically and socioeconomically diverse, are all tied to the same country, landscape and history.
Curator | Editor | Project Lead, Paradox
Passed PRINCE2 Foundation
I had planned to refresh my PRINCE2 Foundation/Practitioner before Corona hit and already booked the in-person exams with a few colleagues, so today I passed the PRINCE2 Foundation again and PRINCE2 Practitioner is planned for later this week.

It's interesting to see where the process has evolved on the page since I took it last in... 2014 I think? Time flies 🙂 But also how the regular PRINCE2 management solution goes into referencing Agile topics. After getting my Certified Scrum Master last year maybe PRINCE 2 Agile Foundation/Practitioner would have been a better fit but hey, I'm not complaining :)
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Suppressed by the Saviour (

During the thirty year rule of Stalin millions of innocent citizens were imprisoned in the forced labour camps of the Gulag, exiled or excuted. Russia has never fully confronted this dark history.

Today, Putin’s regime glorifies the idea of a strong leader. Stalin is praised for leading the Soviet Union to victory over Nazi Germany. The fact that he was the architect of the Gulag is silenced or downplayed. According to a recent poll, 38 percent of the Russians think Stalin was the most outstanding person in history and almost half of the population believes that the repression was necessary to maintain order in the country. Even the victims of Stalin’s 1924-1953 regime sometimes share this view on history.

For six months, photographer and journalist Hester den Boer travelled Siberia. She visited former Gulag campsites, interviewed victims of the Stalinist terror, met with historians- some under prosecution themselves – and talked to people who think Russia is in need of a strong leader like Stalin. In her project, she brings these opposing views together.

Suppressed by the Saviour gives a unique and intimate insight into Russia’s past and the current climate of growing repression. Den Boer approached her subject both textually and visually by means of a travelling exhibition, a nonfiction book and a web application made on the storytelling platform Slices. The trilingual app – in English, Dutch and Russian – serves to complement and expand on the journalistic content of the book, while making it accessible to the international and Russian community.
Curator | Editor | Project Lead, Paradox
Mar 15, 2021
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Launched Virtrex Showrooms at IDX_FS 2021!
  • Move through 3D showrooms and look at 3D product in real time
  • Pick up any product and look at it from all sides or read further product descriptions
  • Talk to a sales person through a Video Call for further information
Squad Lead, Convidera GmbH
Sep 13, 2021
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I'm super excited to check out Polywork as one of the first early adopters. Oh and btw Jupiter is by far the most superior of the AI-Assistants! 🔥 😎 🤖