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Managing YouTube CMS (Content Management Systems) and analytics for artist and mega-influencer Blac Chyna under Wayne Hampton's music management company Starlin Worldwide. This included conducting Chyna's "Explains Lyrics References" interview with rap publication Genius (, ASMR with Fuse Magazine ( as well as constructing her Electronic Press Kit for Hip-Hop radio in Los Angeles (see below).

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I crafted the "Travel Terminal", an in-depth internal resource document with suggestions on making the most of business trips. This included tips on how to avoid lost time in transit, increase safety, and improve efficiency for our team. The document also outlined general expectations & best practices so our team could maximize available benefits & plan accordingly. 
Operations Specialist, Fleetio
Feb 07, 2021
Worked closely with HR and engineering upper management
Worked with FanDuel during the busiest time of the year running multiple SuperBowl promotions and different sports. We managed to tackle a backlog of over 12k ticket request in the span of 2 weeks.
Customer Operations Agent, FanDuel
Started about 3 hours ago
Managing a project
Improved process
Managed a project
Launched Freshtrak to allow our food bank clients to schedule curbside pickup of donated food. This provides our clients with a solution to receive the same food they would pick up at a "mega" distribution event but at the time and place of their choosing and in a manner much more similar to a curbside pickup from their local grocer.  
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Launched OrderAhead in San Antonio to provide families-in-need with a convenient and private means to select from available products to build free "orders" of healthy food that best meets their personal dietary requirements and preferences.