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Snake Charming for Beginners

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Snake-charming is an age-old practice of hypnotizing snakes by playing and waving a murli - in the modern day this practice looks much different, equipped with an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), a clackity keyboard and a trusty guide we’ll be taking you through how you can effectively charm Python 3.6.

On the first day of our trek through the dense jungles of Pythonia we will be looking at how to build a simple sub-domain enumeration tool and how to get started building simple exploits - for those who have trekked these paths before - extra challenges will await you.

Day two we will move further into the dark jungles of Pythonia delving into forbidden user-land territory and how you can use Python to gather useful system-level information, and contact the UNIX daemons of old.

While writing this training description, errbufferoverfl wrote two Python fan fictions, the next cyber-themed Hollywood blockbuster and Shakespearian a play about the training.
Used Django
Programmed in Python
A couple of days ago I started to use Django for a private project. I wanted to learn more about the structure of that framework and how to quickly setup webapps, since I often feel the need for a quick webapp to solve particular problems.

I thought I might share with you the following:
  • Part of the Entity Relationship diagram
  • Part of the "Models" in Django

Nothing new, nothing special, but new fun for me.
Anyway I started to make a data processing addendum (DPA) generator based on modules, products, datatypes etc. It can be very complicated to create the correct DPA for a company that has different modules, handling different data within their products.

Interestingly I found it really helpful to create the database according to python classes. Do you remember the CakePHP Bakery? That was great in 2009 but I am happy with Django's approach here.
Started learning Azure
Studying for a Microsoft Certification
Raspberry Pi Project
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Connected a Raspberry Pi 🐍 Web Simulator to IoT Hub to send telemetry data to Microsoft Azure!! 🎉
Aug 26, 2021
Learnt Python
Programmed in Python
Built a feature
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Built a web scraping tool to scrape relevant data from an API and then put that data into a new data structure for consumption and easy review. (Links to come, its just closed source at the moment)
Learnt NumPy
new python skill ✌
Aug 21, 2021
Wrote a Blog Post
Raspberry Pi Project
I love Raspberry Pi 🥧

And if you don't, well, that's an opinion and that's okay. But the little SBC developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation has played a big part in the programming journey that led me to where I am today. 

Since I got my first Pi, I've acquired more than a few of them, and flashed many, many more micro SD cards. It wasn't long before I started looking for ways to get a fresh Pi up and running as quickly as possible - connecting all the peripherals just to enable WiFi, SSH and VNC every time I wanted to try a new OS (or every time I broke something and had to reinstall) got old fast.

I wrote about my workflow for getting a shiny new Raspberry Pi connected to your WiFi network, enabling an SSH connection, and even enabling virtual desktop with VNC, all without ever plugging a monitor or keyboard into the Pi. You can read about it here:

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