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Here I articulate my motivations to complete the exam, the resources I used in preparation for the exam, a brief overview of the exam setting, some helpful snippets for the exam, the revision strategy that I used, organizing materials during the exam and all the code I wrote building up to the exam. 
Nov 30, 2021
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Built my first ever RNNs and CNNs for the AIcrowd KIIT Challenge and secured the first position on the leaderboard as of now 🥳

All 3 of my projects, including 1 NLP & 2 in CV can be found on my GitHub here.
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Nov 15, 2021
Wrote Python
I wrote a quick python script to publish a user's SSH public key to their user object in Active Directory.

We're doing some work to improve how we manage the deployment of new Linux machines, and part of that effort is to leverage our existing Active Directory for user authentication. We also intend to enforce public key authentication.

With that in mind, I've been doing some experimentation with the steps described in this blog post to enable Active Directory to store a user's public key(s) so that we don't have to worry about staging those on all the various machines the user might need access to. And then I hacked together a little python script to streamline pushing the key(s) into AD. It will even generate a new key pair if you don't provide one!

It's not pretty - but it works!

I could put some more polish into this to make it a really nice tool (and I may still do that), but my immediate goal was to get a working proof-of-concept script so that I could move on to Stage 2: shoving this python code into a couple of vRealize Orchestrator workflows that can be published to vRealize Automation as a Custom Resource. That will give end users a friendly web interface for easily managing the keys associated with their account, and I could also link it to the current machine deployment process to further automate all the things.

That is going to require some more work on my part but I wanted to go ahead and share this small victory.

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Answered @cassidoo's newsletter question.

Given an array of integers, return the index of each local peak in the array. A “peak” element is an element that is greater than its neighbors.


$ localPeaks([1,2,3,1])
$ [2]

$ localPeaks([1,3,2,3,5,6,4])
$ [1, 5]