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Nov 23, 2020
Coded a Python package
Built a feature
Wrote Documentation
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 • Created pythorn a Python-based open source library with minimal and clean example implementations of popular data structures and all major algorithms having 6000+ lines of code
• Coded API documentation in ReadTheDocs (RTDs) and have completed 1400+ downloads 
Participated in a CTF
Wrote Python
Reverse-engineered a program
Hacked a website
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I participated in this year's CSAW qualifying CTF. I didn't do much, but I succeeded at some binary exploitation, reversing some python, utilizing hashcat to crack some hashes and doing an easy web challenge. I also managed one of the harder web challenges - albeit after the competition ended. 
I greatly enjoy the CTF format that to me is like a bunch of bite-sized puzzles, forcing me to think about things I rarely get to think about 🤯
Sep 10, 2021
Wrote Python
Pushed to production
Wrote a Text2Markdown-Converter in Python by utilizing iconv (in order to deploy towards Wiki.js)
Started working on a new project
Wrote Python
I've just started to work on a totally new software project. I've been itching for something new, and I figured I'd get back to learning Python by building a Django x React app. I'll be building out "" (literature nerds will catch the reference!), an open-source URL shortener. Ultimately URL shorteners aren't too difficult to implement, but interesting enough with real world utility. It also gives me a chance to flex some design skills and get more hands on work with MongoDB. I think a lot of URL shorteners can "look sketchy" so I also want to find a way to solve that while ensuring user safety as much as I can.  
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Published a long-form post/article on my blog on:

How to Create Any Image Using Only Sine Functions | 2D Fourier Transform in Python

This takes me back to a "previous life" when dealing with optics, and Fourier Optics, in particular, was my day job. I had written a version of this code well over a decade ago when I was diving deeper into Fourier Optics, and it was great to revisit the code–I actually wrote the whole thing from scratch as the old code was in Matlab and written by a much younger version of me!

It was so much fun writing it up into an article too. Hope you enjoy it. 

May 26, 2021
Wrote GoLang code
Wrote Python
Wrote about the integration of Azure services and Dynamics 365 after finishing a client project that required a similar design. Used python for the serverless functions & go for the consumer in the backend.