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Created by Ashley Kolodziej, Assistant Creative Director at Boston University
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Mentioned in Wall Street Journal
Designed a virtual reality experience
Conducted virtual reality research
Conducted Quantitative Research
Conducted qualitative research
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Our team's moral decision making and haptics in VR research was written about in the Wall Street Journal!

Apr 14, 2015
Started a new role in the Mexican Bank of Commerce
Excited to start my professional career as Strategic Planning Analyst in Bancomext, the Mexican Bank of Commerce!
Mar 13, 2020
Conducted an A/B test
Conducting product interviews
Launched a product
Conducted Quantitative Research
Wrote user stories
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Redesign of a Product Area

With the goal to increase NPS and reduce the workload of Customer Support, I managed the redesign of the Reclamation Process of home24, an important product area inside the My Account section. 

Quite an interesting project, which required almost the full skillset of a PM:

  • Market Research and benchmarking;
  • Quantitative analysis of internal data;
  • Qualitative analysis with a week spent on-site with CS;
  • Design Thinking Process;
  • Prototype testing and further iterations;
  • MVP definition and project Kick-off;
  • Product Requirement Documentation;
  • Product Development cycle;
  • User Scenarios & User Stories;
  • Definition of Success and Behavioral metrics;
  • AB testing;
  • Data analysis;
  • Communication with stakeholders and management of expectations;
  • Deployment and Go-to-market.

Product Manager, home24
Conducted usability testing
Conducted user surveys
Conducted sentiment analysis
Built a custom survey with Qualtrics
Wrote a user research protocol
Presented findings and recommendations
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Ran a comprehensive user research study for the BU Homepage redesign

For this project, my role was solely user research. The Boston University homepage was undergoing its first major redesign in a decade, and the stakeholders wanted to ensure the new design was on target, easy to use, and accomplishing project goals before moving into development. Specifically, testing the usability of the new mega navigation pattern was important, as the new design moved away from mega hover states which made content discoverable more quickly. My job was to propose a plan for research which would answer these questions, design protocols, organize and supervise moderators, and review the data and present findings.

I used a blend of quantitative and qualitative research, including a custom-built survey in Qualtrics with logic and branching, custom-built functionality to track if a prototype menu was opened in Qualtrics, and audience segmentation over five audiences. Two key audiences were also identified for in-person usability sessions, where a moderator observed the participant, recorded their screen, and asked follow up questions. During these sessions, my goal was to identify if there would be any challenges to implementing the new mega navigation from a usability perspective. The study also had a brand perception section, which sought to measure participants’ perception of Boston University based on the design they were presented. For this section, I used Likert scales as well as open-ended text with a sentiment word analysis tool.

The findings were super interesting, and I was able to follow up with recommendations as well. Check them out in full here!
UX & Product Design Lead, Boston University