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Built a site for fun
Created a product prototype
Used Html
Used Tailwind CSS
Used Redis
Used vercel
Designed a Backend System
Automated deployment
Used Github
Designed UI/UX
used web APIs
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Built a website for fun that demonstrates some of the latest web technologies available as of 2020 and design patterns I've found helpful over my professional career, and some new ones.

Web app includes a nifty feature of being able to join a waitlist by authenticating with GitHub and other common providers, in addition to taking advantage of redis for storing and persisting data.

Was a blast—check it out! 🚀 
Jul 20, 2021
Used Redis
Used GraphQL
Built a feature
Contributed to an open-source project
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I've been working on my manga GraphQL API recently and I've noticed that getting information on series/manga takes upwards of 4 seconds on every request. This is mostly attributed to having to scrape for the info.

However, I realized that it isn't a good experience for consumers and can lead to more request to mangaupdates. So I decided to cache any requests, so future requests will be faster and use less resources.

Adding redis reduce request times from 2-3 seconds to 77 ms upon requesting for the same data.

If you want to try out the changes:

Want to look at the code or contribute:

Aug 25, 2021
Improved site performance
WordPress server
Set Up Redis
Improved page load
Apache Server
Optimized Wordpress
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I optimized a WordPress VPS Apache server by implementing PHP-FPM, setting up HTTP/2, installing Redis, and tweaking other backend settings. Together with some frontend optimization, PageSpeed desktop score went from 30-40 to 80-90!