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A deeper dive into Strava's accessibility (or lack thereof). As much as I don't want to make myself that guy who keeps Strava honest, that does seem like a space very much in need of an occupant.
Founder, How The Race Was Won
Jul 10, 2021
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I have reviewed a lot of pull requests tonight. Some Linode SD, the Kuma service mesh SD (with a k8s cluster on digitalocean), and some pull request that touch older code such as the consoles.
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Tonight I have been playing with two new service discoveries that will come to Prometheus:

Kuma: - A service mesh that also runs out of kubernetes

What is interesting is that the Kuma contribution potentially leaves the door open for future envoy/xds-based integrations. The SD also supports long polling, which makes the SD much more efficient.

Uyuni: Uyuni is like the foreman but for opensuse. It is not trivial to setup and the endpoint used by the SD is not released yet, but I have received a pretty nice test environment.

Dec 01, 2019
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Mentored at Udacity

Gave back to the Mobile Web Specialist program by reviewing submissions and answer student questions.
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Culture is one of the most, if not the most important asset of a company. And there are few things you can do to possibly impact the culture other than interviewing people. It is probably my favourite non-technical task. ❤️

Successfully conducting interviews not only helps you build amazing teams: even if you end up not hiring someone, treating everyone with respect and transmitting your excitement for your work can inspire candidates and their network to generate good vibes and a good outside-in culture and reputation. Not to mention, networking.

It's one of the things I'm proud of when I worked at hims and helped grow the engineering team. And now at Shopify and Shop, I try to do 2 interviews a week. After all, the goal of hiring 2021 engineers isn't going to meet by itself.

Unexpectedly, one of the colleagues I admire the most was lucky enough to get a COVID shot 💉 tomorrow. I chimed in to cover him lat minute, although I had another interview scheduled in the afternoon. So that'll make it 2 interviews in a day. 4 in a week. A new record 😊.

As excited as I am, the best interviews happen when you know just enough about the candidate to generate empathy and make them feel comfortable, but not too much that can trigger biases. So I just read resumes, prepared the problems, memorized solutions and alternatives (according to the interviewing stage they are at).
Dev Manager / Senior Frontend Engineer, Shopify