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Jul 01, 2021
Presented at Papers We Love
What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
Talked (virtually) about Metastable Failures in Distributed Systems at Papers We Love Seattle:
Nov 30, 2019
Won the Best Talent Award!
Won an award
Thank you Supranational for this honouring title as Best Talent 2019

This title means so much to me, as I performed a song I wrote in one of the toughest times in my life for the first time ever in front of an audience! 

A life-changing moment I will never forget.

Amanda Stewart


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May 08, 2016
Started a side project
Managed an airbnb
Started my side gig cohosting 2 local Airbnbs. As a problem solver, this was a gig that taught me a lot, let me roll up my sleeves (literally), and help others. Love being a micro-ambassador to people exploring the magic of Birmingham. 
Kept going anyway
Fought depression

Graduated high school

I have the diploma, but I never made it to my graduation. My family situation had deteriorated significantly by this point.

But if I had, my family would have been proud. I graduated among the top of my class and received several art-specific scholarships.

For various reasons, it was really looking to me like college was not going to be an option for me at this point, and the future was bleak.
Adapted under unstable circumstances
Overcame adversity
Advocated for myself
Drove an unwilling cat cross-country
+ 2

Moved to Boston on the last of my loans

At this point, I was out of time on my lease in Michigan with not one call back from any of the jobs I applied to over the past several months. I had a competitive portfolio, but I graduated in one of the worst job markets in years.

So I took the last bits of my maxed out student loans, picked a sublet out on Craigslist sight unseen with some roommates who seemed alright, drove my junker car out with everything I owned and a very grumpy cat to Boston, and hoped for the best. I figured I could make it through the summer.
Overcame adversity
Adapted under unstable circumstances

Began supporting my family

My first job was as a hotel housekeeper, and my pay went to supporting my family because my parents had lost their jobs and were unable to work.

I also briefly worked at Target, but eventually went back to housekeeping. I liked listening to music and the exercise was good.