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Nov 10, 2021
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Self portrait for a UK based sustainable fashion brand-milk it 
Sep 11, 2021
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Endless lockdown in Manila makes my spirit down, I woke up this morning with irrepressible desire to feel the love from nature, the new Miss Dior Eau de Parfum makes me feel just the same way when I spray it at home, and we should celebrate this feeling everyday. This year, Dior invites us to wake up for love, a fierce love of lifeūüíĆ

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Keo Waterfall
Jul 11, 2021
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#27EmotionsChallenge for OPPO

Manila, Philippines 
Jul 09, 2021
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Do we talk enough about mental health in tech? 

I've wanted to shoot something contemporary and with a story for a while, ever since I got my camera. Unfortunately as an amateur photographer this was the best I could come up with.

For the most part. Mental health is something we brush under the carpet too often, only a few really open up and share their experiences. Now lockdown has "sort of" eased, some people are returning to a form of normality. 

In lockdown, however, I think a lot of people In the industry found it harder than they let on, me included. I initially found it very easy, but the work piled on and I know it effected me.

I was very grumpy, more than usual, I started to careless about my physical health as well. I know it affected people around me too. I was annoyed with everything. I was overall incredibly lethargic. I had panic attacks when I was younger but nothing this time round. 

Is it because the above is so common? Do we only associate metal health only with suicidal thoughts or with people who get prescribed medication?

I have to admit, I always have thought as much. I often associate mental health with issues far greater than mine, or I assume my issues are just down to burnout and ill be fine tomorrow. 

It wasn't until I started working out, enjoying life again and finding new hobbies, that I realised there was a problem before. The work load hadn't changed, nothing in my life had changed but I worked on my mental state for a few months. 

I think mental health is something I need to and want to be, a lot, more open about. Even if issues aren't as bad as someone else's, mental health is important. 

How's your lockdown experience been?