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Launched a side project

I launched a landing page for my latest project - My Cosplace. The project is still being built and I am collecting interest in the meantime.

My Cosplace is intended to make it as easy as possible to connect with people at conventions and get tagged in photos taken of your cosplay. My wife and I are cosplayers and we run into this problem a lot. Recently we realized how much time is spent at photoshoot meetups asking everyone for their Instagram and looking them up on the spot.

My Cosplace will provide 3 things for cosplayers:

  1. A simple website with a gallery of all of their cosplays
  2. Business cards with their socials and a QR code leading to their website.
  3. The QR code is also downloadable to be used anywhere
The idea is that you can quickly hand out cards when someone takes your photo, or flash the QR code for them to scan. The website helps in case someone forgets who the card belongs to (cosplayers often have many cosplays).

Technology: Building the app with Nuxt + TypeScript. Considering Supabase for DB + Auth. Hosting on Netlify.
Dec 03, 2021
Shipped a side project
Contributed to Open Source Project
Published my own fork of Another JS: an engine for Another World written in JavaScript.

This fork adds:

  • sound
  • fullscreen
  • touch controls
Built a website
Worked on a side project
Built ElMawkaa

ElMawkaa website aims to engage all construction industry stakeholders in a unified online market.

Built with: React.js, Redux, Firebase, Material-UI

Built a website
Worked on a side project
Built 21Farmer

21Farmer is a cloud based IoT solution that provides data & analytics to farmers to make informed decisions and to enhance land performance and resource utilization.

Technologies used: React.js, Next.js, Redux, Mapbox & Material-UI

Started a side hustle
Started Sandra Reads, The Millennial Tarot Reader, a small tarot reading business aimed at helping people find guidance through tarot cards.

Feel free to drop me a DM for reading enquires!
Started 11 minutes ago
Learned product management principles
Designing my own learning path
Planned a Conference
+ 1
I'm building a program for aspiring product managers in Canada, based at the UBC Vancouver campus.

Students will assemble teams to work on software companies' products as if they were associate product managers. Over two weeks, they will identify the user's key problem, brainstorm solutions, design a prototype, then pitch it in front of industry product managers who will serve as judges.

My team of 10 students from UBC Product Management Club is currently in the process of finding case sponsors, mentors, and judges, plus planning the curriculum for the program. We're hoping it will change the way product teams at software companies connect with students in Vancouver and beyond.
Product Sprint Director, UBC Product Management Club