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During 2019 I was part of a research group in Cultural Heritage where each member pursued their own project. I began researching Mate (an Argentinean beverage), understanding it as a cultural icon, and its relationship to Argentine designers after the economical crisis of 2001.
The group presented their projects in two instances during the year, with the final one taking place in front of members of the community, leading figures of different institutions related to the projects and City government members.
Oct 16, 2018
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Women Who Code Atlanta

Panel Discussion Event:
"Beyond Developer: Other Roles in Tech"

Panel where we shared how there are a lot of career paths than a programmer.

I covered technical consulting and presales engineering - and how I wish I had learned that presales engineering existed earlier in my career!

I ended up hiring one of the women there I met that night. The one with the best questions. :)
I help the USGovt with data modernizations at scale, DataStax
Feb 20, 2021
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SD Hacks

"Internships and Innovations"
Speaker, Sponsor, and Creator

SD Hacks has been one of the largest hackathons in California since its inception back in 2015. We take pride in being a fully student organized event, while partnering with numerous other student-run engineering organizations at UC San Diego.

I ran intern programs from startups to large corporations. After hundreds of interviews with intern candidates, I will share how to nail your interviews and select the internship best for you. Turn a hackathon project into new opportunities. Help me help you start your tech career. 

Visit SD Hacks

Big idea: An an intern, you have opportunities to inject innovation for your customers.  I shared my thoughts about what to look for in a great company to intern with and some about my career path growing from an intern to a VP.
I help the USGovt with data modernizations at scale, DataStax
Raised awareness of political issues
Facilitated Trans 101 educational workshop, paving the way for future transgender-positivity groups held in the center.
Helpline Intern, Cambridge Women's Center
Working for a Civil Society Organization
Digital Rights
Advocated for human rights in Venezuela
Learning about cybersecurity
Worked for an NGO
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VE sin Filtro and cyberactivism

I started working with VE sin Filtro (Venezuela Without Filter), a civil society organization based in Venezuela and founded by Venezuela Inteligente.

Venezuela's internet freedom has been deteriorating for years, as it can seen in the report Freedom On The Net from Freedom House, in which Venezuela was classified as "Not Free". VE sin Filtro is a project that fights for the digital rights of Venezuelans and monitors internet censorship all across the country.

📷 VSF Executive Director, Andrés Azpúrua, and me
Software Developer / Spokesperson, VEsinFiltro
Jun 12, 2021
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It made me smile to see people use the tags I've made 😊