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Executed a social media campaign
Miss the Rage has officially gone platinum, making this my and Amethyst Collab's first time working a record all the way to RIAA platinum status! Many more to come!
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Started recurring webinars to help the Sales team scale product demos. Experimented with different setups to attract and convert more leads.

The marketing promotion is key for success. It’s a 2-week sprint, exploring different channels for lead acquisition — including ads, email outreach campaigns, and social media. We test a channel quickly, analyze results, stop it or expand on it.

Marketing Manager, DynamicScreen
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Launching a Clothing Brand
Custom clothing
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Prepping to launch our crowdfunding campaign! 

We’ve gone and made a thing. It’s a garment that solves a specific problem, and this problem affects almost everyone. Very likely you, too.

Join the mailing list and be among the first to find out, get on the insider ring with pre-launch updates, and get a special thank you  when the product drops.
Executed a social media campaign
Worked on social media marketing and digital marketing strategy for Aminé and his new project TWOPOINTFIVE. 
Promoted a digital ad campaign
Executed a Marketing Campaign Strategy
Launched social media campaign
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Good Story Learning campaign Instagram reel
Feb 01, 2019
Secured online media coverage
Launched a Clothing Brand
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Launched influencer campaign
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In the midst of the record low temperatures Detroit and other cities faced during the Polar Vortex of 2019, I launched a clothing brand. At the time, I was contracting full-time at Benzinga while exploring e-commerce rabbit holes. I had stumbled upon Web Smith's writings at 2PM and became obsessed with Linear Commerce—the concept that commerce and content not only intersect, but lead to one another.  

The idea for Polar Vortex came from me scrolling on Twitter and seeing a friend tweet, "Polar Vortex sounds like a cool brand name." I saw this as the perfect opportunity to dip my toe into the world of e-commerce while pursuing a force for good. 

The idea was simple—a clothing line themed around the polar vortex, designed as a band tour, and dedicated to supporting the heroes that worked the hardest during the freeze. 

I worked from home the next two days, put in place a launch plan, and convinced my designer friend to work on the apparel. 48 hours later, I had a press interview lined up, apparel mock-ups, and a few local Detroit influencers up for shouting out the brand in-kind. 

Overall the project was a small success. For the small amount of revenue we made, I gained my first real ecommerce experience. 

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