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Mar 17, 2021
Improved page load
Negotiated an enterprise deal
Improved site performance
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I negotiated my first enterprise deal with Fastly while at The Nine!

Our site performance was suffering, so I began looking for ways to improve it that wouldn't require a complete rewrite of our CMS. After exhausting all possible improvements at the CMS layer, I began looking for a good CDN. After exploring several different providers, I eventually settled on Fastly.

Not many people at The Nine were familiar with all of the lingo surrounding CDNs, so I led the negotiations between us. I was incredibly impressed with how well their sales associates knew the product. In the end I was able to secure us a very attractive rate, and I got a LInkedIn endorsement from one of their sales leads. 😊
Senior Software Engineer, The Nine
Published docker image
Contributed to open source
Published the first version of third-auth-ms as a Docker image on DockerHub, an Open-Source micro-service for 3rd party authentication.