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Nov 09, 2021
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I'm curious: can I use product development methodologies to develop marketable software skills?

While researching, I came across Shape Up by Ryan Singer from Basecamp and I found it's ideas on risk management instantly appetizing. I haven't finished it yet, but I'm placing my first six week bet (a sprint plan for a six week sprint is an adequate equivalent) that I can ship the following by 2021-12-17:

  • Big Batch Project: Python boot camp

  • Small Batch Projects:
    • Git, Github and command line boot camps 
    • Learn and adapt Shape Up and Agile methodologies into my development game 
    • Evaluate Colemak

I've the coming holidays to cool down, calmly document my progress on Github, Hashnode, Polywork, Twitter etc and figure out the rest. It's ambitious and I don't have all the details figured out yet - that uncertainty is the nature of a bet. But so is the excitement and I want to push the feeling on.
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## Morning Polyworkians!

Well, that streak had to end some time. 437 days ago, I decided to get "serious" about writing my 750 words a day, after reading about keeping a diary of the crazy days in quarantine. While I have not written a full 750 words every day of that (my longest streak started on April 21, 2020, when I went 240 days), I have always written something, at least a couple hundred words. But yesterday, I didn't write any. Too busy at work and too tired after. But I shall start again!

I finished watching *White Tiger* on Netflix last night. The first half was pretty boring. Set in India, it featured a dirt poor kid who became a driver for a super rich family. But about halfway thru it took a dark turn and became interesting. I also watched *Parker* on Netflix, a Jason Statham / JLo movie and really enjoyed it. No *Crank* but still lots of fun. Recommend both.

Finished reading *Empire Of Pain*, about Purdue Pharma and the Sackler family. Once again, in the end, money bought "innocence" and while their reputation suffered, their bank account or free time did not. And Lord, it sure should have. Evil evil people, all of them. In the worst way - totally oblivious to the pain (literally) they cause.

A brief reprieve from the salt mine, taking today off and getting Monday off for Independence Day. Super busy yesterday for Sprint kickoff, which is always a busy time. Not in a good way but what can you do? I will try not to think about it for the next 4 days,

Stay safe. Get Vaccinated! Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Watch your distance. No inspirational quote today. Just watch this Budweiser(!) video. It's great!
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## Morning Polyworkians!

Still scorching hot here in the Northeast. Yesterday we hit the mid 90s, with a feels like of 116! Still short of the Pacific Northwest but enough so it felt like a sledgehammer when you got out of your air conditioned car. And we are still having circuit problems with the bedroom AC, which is gruesome. Like I say a lot, the best thing about living in the Northeast US is we are, I think, the best prepared for a wide variety of extreme weather, because they all happen every year, from very hot to very cold, from drought to rain and snow. I hear 2/3 of the houses in the Northwest don't have AC - ouch!

Didn't play D:OS2 last night because C had Internet problems, so instead I watched *Tin Cup* with A. It's a fine movie but the trope of the boy who bugs the girl until she falls into his arm is just so creepy and needs to stop. A has become quite the golf fanatic, which is fun. Need to hit the course with her again soon. She wants neon pink golf balls, of course. Hoping to get back to Halo 3 tonight, although it would be nice to start earlier. Finishing an entire level can be a grind.

Hope to get a game in with M before we start computer games. If A want to play, we can play  a 3 player game of NEOM, a cool tile laying game. Otherwise, maybe we will give Grimslingers a try, a head to head dueling spellcaster game. Cool theme, great art. Kind of a deck builder, which isn't my favorite, but I guess we will see.

Long tedious day in the salt mine yesterday, with another one promised today and tomorrow. These Sprint kickoff weeks are a real pain, trying to get everything scheduled and make sure everyone is gainfully employed. This boss thing is still a work in progress.

Stay safe. Get Vaccinated! Watch your distance! Be a leader. Remember the lead sled dog is the only one with a decent view.