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Dec 22, 2021
Started learning solidity
The reason why I am going public on this one is simply because I can find all types of excuses to procrastinate on this and will take me forever to learn it. By going public on this, hopefully it will keep me accountable and if nothing happens in the upcoming months, you can call me a failure. 
Started 30 days ago
Started learning solidity
Day 1 of Solidity. 

Ganache & Truffle suite set up. ✅
Received an NFT airdrop
Web3 project
Wrote a smart contract
Started learning solidity
Introduction to ReactJS
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Finished the Buildspace Web3 course and earned first NFT
Started learning solidity
Web3 project
Learning solidity
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Finished Build a Web3 App with Solidity + Ethereum Smart Contracts.

And got certificate as NFT !!! 
Smart Contract
Built an app
Used React.js
Started learning solidity
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After learning Solidity, and smart contract development for about a month, I've decided to launch an NFT project to test my learnings.

I decided to create my own collection called "Crypto Conway". First, I had to create a smart contract using Solidity. This was a challenging experience that came with many learning experiences. As an example, deploying to the Ethereum Mainnet was gonna cost me $200-400, which wasn't gonna work for a project designed just for learning. So I had to learn about the Polygon/Matic network and decided to deploy there.

After deploying my first smart contract, I built a web app in React. While I'm very familiar with building web apps, there was plenty to learn as I had to figure out how to interact with the blockchain.

You can view the app here:
Or view a single NFT here: OpenSea
Studied React
Started learning solidity
Learning Ethereum
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Started learning some new stuff with