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Spoke at a conference
Spoke at GitKon about using git to write my chess and design book.
Spoke on a panel
Participated in Kingston Culture Forum event as a panelist. KCF is an annual event from Kingston Creative highlighting the progress and opportunities in local cultural and creative industries.

I participated as a team member of Kingston Creative outlining the benefits of participating in our entrepreneur development initiatives.
Jan 15, 2019
Gave a talk
I gave a talk Building an Interactive Showcase with Vue.js & Vue InstantSearch at the 19th edition of the Vue.js Paris meetup.

I talked about how I built the InstantSearch showcase on the Algolia documentation site.

Check out the slides on Noti.st.
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Speaking at Jamstack Conf
Presenting a talk
Working on my talk for JamstackConf - How migrating my tool to Jamstack made me a better open source denizen
Spoke with Project Go Dark alongside Cortez Bryant (The Blueprint Group) and Barry Johnson (Since the 80’s), hosted by Paige Shari. Thanks to all of the college graduates present who are already making strides in the music industry… ESPECIALLY my fellow Clark Atlanta University Panthers! 
Sep 24, 2021
Ran a workshop
Spoke about Web Accessibility
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CodeLand workshop number two in the books, "Building the web for all: A primer on accessibility"! Thanks to all the attendees and Suzanne, my co-worker/partner in crime for the workshop!