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Sep 14, 2021
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Fixed a bug
I worked with another developer on my team to triage and fix an important bug that was impacting the display of revisions and history for posts on Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network. While the actual fix was a one character change, triaging it was an in depth process that took a long time to identify and fix.

I wrote an explanation of the bugfix here:
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I've been very active on the CSTheory and Theoretical Physics stack exchange sites, but only ever answered one question on stack overflow. It's a tongue in cheek answer to the old Google interview question about sorting integers in limited memory. Seems to have proved quite popular over the years. Here it is:

Sorting 1 million 8-decimal-digit numbers with 1MB of RAM

It also won me a t-shirt.
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Jan 12, 2021
Fixed a bug
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On my second day at Stack Overflow, I completed and shipped my first bugfix!
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"How to get 2 external monitors working in Mac Big Sur?"

See my answer at
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Answered "What is the difference between URL Router and Dispatcher?"

Provided a comprehensive answer and code example for the differences between a Router and a Dispatcher found in common web frameworks.