State Machines

Created by David Khourshid, Founder at Stately
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Learned Svelte
Learned about XState
Had some fun working on the first challenge of Advent of CSS 2021. Used some CSS Grid and xstate to make it interactive. I also tried out svelte (and SvelteKit) for the first time :)


Bonus: I managed to make my neovim config work with svelte files following this very helpful post đŸ¥³

Learned about XState
Learned Styled Components In React
Studied React
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Here's my featured article on Hashnode.  It's all about how I manage my animation/transition state using XState, and Styled Components
Built a React component
Write a RFC
Implementing xstate
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Jul 27, 2021
Implementing xstate
Utilized XState to implement a complex flow in a web app
Learned about XState
Just completed the State Machines in JavaScript with XState course on Frontend Masters. Shout out to David Khourshid for crafting a really concise video course. I loved how each lesson built upon the previous exercise to help solidify the fundamentals.

Super excited to work with finite state machines on an upcoming project!
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