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Jan 22, 2022
Integrated Cloudinary into Strapi
Using SvelteKit
Used Strapi
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My site,, runs using a Strapi CMS connected to a SvelteKit frontend. I set up Cloudinary as the upload provider for Strapi and adjusted my code to receive auto-optimized images from the Cloudinary CDN. Users with modern browsers will now receive AVIF/WebP, while older browsers will receive JPG/PNG or some other legacy format.
Started 16 days ago
Launching a new website
Using SvelteKit
Using Svelte
Wrote GoLang code
Wrote a BDD story
Github actions
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Made a hobby project to practice some of the things I was learning like Dart, Svelte, Go, BDD with behat, GitHub Actions, GitHub Copilot, etc. 
Launched a new website
Using Svelte
Using SvelteKit
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My new website is live!

I worked a lot these last months to put together something that I was happy with. I'm not a UI designer, but I managed to draft something on Illustrator to help myself on building this website. 👨‍💻

Talking about the stack, Svelte with Sveltekit just seemed like a no-brainer to me, it's just too pleasant to work with and I don't regret this choice for a second. After some iterations, the blog landed on Contentful.

I added a lot of little things that are ✨ just me ✨ because why not. Elevator music featuring the Undertale OST, the song I'm currently listening and if I'm streaming on the footer, a whole narcissistic page called "About me" and some hidden features. 🕵️‍♂️

The website is also available in both English and Portuguese so I can reach more people. I'm planning to also translate the blog posts, but I'll leave that for the future me.

That sums it up pretty well! 👍
Wrote Documentation
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Published official Svelte documentation for Prismic, working with my great colleague Priyanka Maheshwari. 
Nov 16, 2021
Created a video
Wrote an article
Using SvelteKit
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How you can run accessibility (a11y) checks on your ❤️ Svelte CSS code.

We run through setting up stylelint for vanilla CSS SvelteKit projects and also take a peek at adding svelte-check to Husky.

Hope you find it useful!
Oct 19, 2021
Using SvelteKit
Made it Open Source
Launched a side project
Built an app
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Built, open-sourced & released

A generative art project to turn text and ECDSA keys into a unique, sharable colour grids.