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Working on a Brand Refresh
Designed a Brand Style Guide
Designed illustrations
Designed a design system
Designed Social Media Assets
Designed Marketing Collateral
Creating Notion Templates
Designed animation system
Built Key Graphic Assets
Maintained Key Graphic Assets
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Currently working on updating Cineplex brand ecosystem, beginning on Cineplex Cinemas from logo evolution to marketing collaterals ✨
Designer, Cineplex
Designed a design system

An innovative way of placing bets

Betbehind was a very exciting and innovative product that I had the pleasure to create at my time in Better Collective. The product showed a new way of placing bets where users didn’t have to use gut feeling, but could place bets based on statistics of other peoples bets.

The UI and UX was focused on brining a quick and insightful platform that was easy to navigate and inspirering to use.
Design Lead, Better Collective
Redesigned Online Store

UI Designer - The community of an ecommerce platform

Unisport is one of the worlds leading retailers of football equipment with flagship stores in 8 different countries around Europe. At my time there I was given the task to redesign the entire platform with a fellow designer.
Digital Designer, Unisport
Designed a design system

Designed the biggest social network for iGamers

My time at Better Collective fased many exciting experiences. One of them was working with the biggest tipster community in the world, Bettingexpert. I was invovled early in the process on it’s rebranding and was building a design system from the ground up. The main focus was to understand the users of the community and facilitate their needs with a better user experience.
Design Lead, Better Collective
Jun 18, 2021
Learning a new tool
Load testing a website's infrastructure
Load testing a website
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Today I'm teaching myself how to work with k6 to do some performance and impact testing on a large customers site.

Update: This was neat, didn't do as extensive of testing as hoped due to active public traffic. Even still we got some neat info and I got to learn something new. 7/10 would do again.