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Jan 17, 2022
Started using a new tool
Now, I'm using to manage and track my works.
Dec 27, 2021
Launched a new website
Used Hugo
Started using Hugo
Started using a new tool
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I relaunched my personal blog today, moving it from Django to Hugo. After all, using Django as a framework for my (mostly) static page was kind of overkill and more POC than anything else.

So far, Hugo has been an interesting ride over the holidays and I'm looking forward to dive deeper into its possibilities.

Most importantly though, my site got a blogging functionality now, which goes along with my new year's resolution of finally starting (and maintaining 🙄) an actual blog.

Come by some time!
Dec 18, 2021
Started using a new tool
Today I found out about Raycast. As a big fan of interactive context menus and shortcuts as main means of maneuvering my desktop, this could become a gamechanger for me! 
Sep 13, 2021
Started using a new tool
I'm reluctantly trialing VSCodium as my daily IDE. It's a freely-licensed binary distribution of Microsoft’s VSCode.
I've been using Atom for years as I preferred it over VSCode for various reasons, one being a completely emotional view in that I dislike anything Microsoft. However, Atom seems to be dying a very slow death.
Started using a new tool
Developed my own portfolio
Built UI components
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Reworking my current portfolio. Changing out most parts. Ditching Gatsby since I'm not a fan of the build times. Trying out Blitz instead, and changing my blog posts from MDX to a CMS..
May 29, 2020
Started using a new tool
Migrated Elite from Periscope Data to Sisense BI&A for business intelligence.
IT Manager, Elite Development Group