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Jan 13, 2022
Became a Lit Contributor
Contributed to open source
Wrote TypeScript
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I became a Lit contributor today when my tiny PR was merged by Alexander Marks. 

Its really a testament to the Lit developers how stable and simple their software is that I've happily used it for years without feeling much need to change it.
Published an Open Source Project
Wrote a New API
Using Typescript
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🔴 Unofficial GraphQL API for Indonesia National Park

💾 Repository:

💻 Demo:
Dec 29, 2021
Created an Open Source Project
Created a GitHub repository
Released Starter Template
Designed website
Wrote TypeScript
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Finished up a React Typescript starter for the MySky ecosystem with Homescreen support.


Checkout the demo here

✔️ Uses Craco for bundling and applying custom styles.

✔️ Easy Peasy for State Management, and React Context (*Docs)

✔️ Semantic UI, custom styling overrides under /src/semantic-ui using Theming

✔️ Commit Messages are linted using Husky (setups after yarn install).

✔️ Conventional Commits using Semantic-Release.

✔️ Testing with Jest. Examples in /src/components/test. Tests can be run using yarn test

✔️ Docs (coming soon)
Launched a Website
Designed website
Worked on a side project
Deployed a website
Wrote TypeScript
Worked with Nextjs
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Recently I designed and developed a portfolio site for a friend of mine who studies game development at @fhsalzburg.  Written in NextJs and Typescript with @prismicio as cms.

Check it out: https://jonaskubesch.com
Redesigned a website
Built a React website
Using Typescript
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Updated my website. I've added some featured projects and a little about myself. Also, it's a dark theme, so it won't hurt your eyes (unlike the last one...). Any constructive feedback would be appreciated.
Worked on a side project
Started learning TypeScript
Practicing typescript
Learning software design patterns
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Back again practicing more @typescript. This time with software design patterns. Just pushed the first pattern. ^^