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Anyone around who knows how to introspect #JSDoc annotations at runtime (if possible at all)? Trying to find a nice way to verify a code generator's feature for #gRPC on #Typescript.


I found two packages that helped me doing that You can see the result here 😃 :
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Our org is adopting Typescript and I contributed to the migration effort by merging changes to support Typescript in one of our major repos. 

Typescript support required configuration changes to our testing framework, bundler, CI, and linters. Since most of our team is new to Typescript, I also held a meeting to walk through a PR that converted a bunch of Javascript files and gave a basic rundown of Typescript development. 
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Do you know what a Javascript decorator is? If not, then this article is for you. If you do however, this article is also for you because it will give you a real-life example of what you can do with them

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Hi everyone, I wrote an article about my library to handle Private Routes and RBAC in Next.js apps, hope this is useful for you.
See the post here.
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I have dedicated last september to learn ReactJS with one of the biggest references in web development scenario in Brazil, well known for his habillity to teach, Fernando Daciuk has not let us down. 
During this bootcamp we have used Typescript, Styled Components, React and JSX.
Sep 07, 2021
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TypeScript: Custom Type Guards

Wrote a blog post on using custom type guards in TypeScript to properly narrow down the types.