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Dec 05, 2021
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🕎 8 Days of Web Components Tips 

In honour of the last night of #Hannukah I collected 8 nights' worth of web components tips here in this blog post. Hope you like it, and חג שמח!

Oct 28, 2020
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Unit Testing in JavaScript

Unit tests are also known as component tests.
They take the smallest piece of testable code (in most cases functions) and check if it behaves as expected.
Sep 26, 2020
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Custom Type Guards in TypeScript

My previous post showed with some short code snippets 5 useful TypeScript ticks. One of those tricks was a User-Defined Type Guard. Since this "trick" has attracted a lot of attention, I decided to write this short post to make this concept easier to understand.
Sep 24, 2020
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5 useful TypeScript tricks

  1. Create a type checking function.
  2. Set all properties of an interface to optional.
  3. Get the type of the parameters of a function.
  4. Use Setters and Getters.
  5. Optional chaining.
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I just published a blog post that I've been working on for a while:
The Church Encoding of Simple Algebraic Data Types

Church encodings are cool in that they're a really fundamental theoretical construct in the lambda calculus, a practical tool for making TypeScript code more succinct, and the basis for object algebras, a powerful technique for writing extensible code in object-oriented languages. This post just scratches the surface, but I hope that it will be accessible to TypeScript developers who have some familiarity with functional programming techniques.
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During the React Bootcamp second half, we've developed a web application with data persistence in LocalForage. The Markee App consists of a markdown editor with a preview board.

Besides React.Js, were also part of the experience best practices and project organisation well accepted by the community.

Main technologies used on development:
Styled Components

Markee App features:
New file creation;
Title and content editing;
Title and content rendering conditional the active file;
Select active file to be shown ;
Error and sucess messages displayed for the user;
Status automatic update between 'editing, saving, saved', also displayed to the user, with symbols;
File's deletion once X button is clicked;
Hover effects on buttons and links.

Netlify link to the App: https://lnkd.in/expX5x6F