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Sep 07, 2021
Wrote a Blog Post
Wrote TypeScript

TypeScript: Custom Type Guards

Wrote a blog post on using custom type guards in TypeScript to properly narrow down the types.

Aug 28, 2021
Wrote TypeScript
Published a blog post

Parsing .env with TypeScript

Wrote a small post on parsing .env files in TypeScript and enjoying the benefits of a typed system
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Used Github
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Working on JavaScript and Typescript projects
Used Next.js
Released an Open Source Project
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Released v2.3.0 of webeleon next.js starter project!

It's all about i18n!

Updated a GitHub repository
Used Github
Released a npm package
Published an NPM package
Wrote TypeScript
used TypeScript
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webeleon npm package typescript starter project released v0.0.8

Working with Node.js
Updated a GitHub repository
used TypeScript
Wrote TypeScript
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Released the first version of my Typescript generic starter project!

Jul 13, 2021
Using machine learning
Wrote TypeScript
Used React.js
Created a NN using Tensorflow
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Machine Learning Pong 🧬

I put together my first reinforcement learning based ML AI that learned how to play pong!

Tech Specs:

- Genetic Algorithm
- Fitness Function w/ varying Mutation Factor
- Static Topology


Use Up, Down arrow keys

NOTE: Desktop support only

Check it out! - https://machine-learning-pong.vercel.app