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Sep 07, 2021
Designed UI/UX
First UI/UX design project done! ✍🏼

I've sure had a lot of firsts these few months.

This time, it's a user interface and user experience design 🎨 task for an admin dashboard for a custom learning management system, integrated with course and user set-up workflow, analytics, and more.

I designed everything on Figma (it's such an amazing tool) after really reflecting on the existing system and doing research on other learning management systems.

Here are two main issues I encountered:

  1. Preventing information overload: Being a hybrid system that collects a lot of data for educational research on top of being a learning management system, I thought about what data should be displayed, where and how. I ended up keeping only information that is useful for management on the interface, and moved personal and other data to an output system (only for users on the researcher rank) that generates .csv files for any selected students, and have another copy accessible from individual student profiles for occasional need for quick access. It was essential to categorise data to ensure minimal distractions during the user experience and protect privacy. We need less information than we often think!
  2. Creating a workflow: The old system did not consider task orders or the different steps of learning management as a teacher or administrator, and I really enjoyed anticipating the needs of these users. Instead of making everybody navigating to the respective pages for a single function, I have created a network of links and mini pop-up widgets, and also redesigned the (sub-)menus, to ensure all relevant functions are always within reach. I've also included useful but simple analytics and a more flexible filter and search system to allow for more fuzzy and forgiving lookup of information.

This was one of the most fulfilling projects I've done, and it's a wonderful experience to apply my ideas to a real-life project and use case. And the great response from everybody involved really boosted my confidence as a(n aspiring) designer!
Senior Research Assistant, The University of Hong Kong
Aug 21, 2021
Designed UI/UX
I'm designing the UI for a platform my company is developing. It's pretty exciting to be the client and vendor for this project. We hope it will make a positive impact.

Now, if only I can find the right off-white background color. I feel like I'm at the paint store deciding over eggshell or arctic white~ sigh!
Worked on the branding
Designed UI/UX
New Coming product.

Designed UI/UX
Prototyped a Design
Designed website
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Just finished creating a redesign proposal for a new SaaS that I think has a ton of potential 🚀

The founder is a legend in the FB ads space and the product can help advertisers save a ton of $$$ - even the small ones!

I took their current site (done by the founders) and redesigned the UI/UX + optimized the path to conversion to improve acquisition for their SaaS.

The prototype has not yet been developed into a complete sales page but I'm really liked how the proposal came along!

Launched a landing page
Designed UI/UX
Launched a competition landing page for Sales Accelerator programme
UI UX designer, Creatomus
Aug 02, 2021
Designed UI/UX
Product design
working on branding
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I worked with @TAGHeuer on the new Tag Heuer Golf app. 

What I have done ? 
• the creative direction • identity / logo  • iOS / android UI and UX • Apple Watch UI and UX  • TAG Heuer watch UI and Ux

I also get the chance to create the logo inspired by the white leather golf gloves.

Pretty proud cause I was alone on this project with the dev team and product manager

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