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Dec 01, 2018
Designed an augmented-reality experience
Using Unity3D
My team and I were the finalist out of 1000s of participants in the National Hackathon, HackerTech conducted by VIT, Vellore. We made an Augmented Reality App built with Vuforia and Unity. The idea was to empower students by adding an extra dimension to their learning with the use of AR. Students can point their phones to their material (like CBSE textbook ) and they would see a 3D model of the diagram or a video.
Using Unity3D
College Project
Working on the UI of my college project.
Jul 15, 2020
Using Unity3D
Unity Certified Expert: Programmer was issued by Unity Technologies to Tapio Rantala.
Using Unity3D
Developed educational virtual reality experiences
C# programming
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Started to develop a virtual exhibition with Unity3D
Co-Founder and CTO, Kultur vivante e.V.
Created a tutorial
Learn Unity With Me #2
My weekly Unity tutorial series continues with a post on the different components in a C# script.

Created a tutorial
Learn Unity With Me #1
This is the first in my regular Learn Unity With Me series on Instagram. In this series, I use a gallery of images to explain a basic concept or feature in Unity C#. Enjoy!