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Mar 31, 2015
Dropped out of university
Dropped out of university
Left Bachelor of Information Technology program
Let's admit it: Plans change sometimes, and we decide to do a course correction in life.

With my career starting to take off, and university being ever-more focused on gearing up students for a research career in higher degree programs, I realized staying at university wasn't beneficial with any future plans I could see.

People may disagree, and pass judgements based on their own experiences. But in the years since, I don't regret my decision.
Mar 01, 2002
Developed First Website
For almost a year (1st March 2002 to 1st March 2003), I developed my first website in PHP for University of Strathclyde, CAD Centre. 

It was an intranet website which held white papers from students.

That website was terrible for my first attempt. :)

My role at Strathclyde Uni was part of a "Learning for Work" scheme from the JobCentre. 

I learnt a lot from my time there; uploading files, writing webpages with Notepad and negotiating with the Head of Engineering department and Head of I.T. over a contentious feature of the website.