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Jan 03, 2020
Created a command line interface
Used an API
Worked on a CLI called Codeowners Helper to interact with GitHub's API to manage code owner files across many repositories.

My team kept getting new engineers and we had something like 25 repositories that all needed updating when anyone came or left. I thought this was an interesting problem that others might also be having, and it gave me an excuse to try using a new API.
Software Engineer I, Cerner
Mar 24, 2021
Created a command line interface
Released my first macOS program, SVGtoPPT, with a companion Alfred 4 workflow.

Website made with MkDocs and GitHub Pages. All icons/images on it are SVGs made by me :)
Aug 09, 2021
Redesigned an app
Used Python
Created a command line interface
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After finally reading the Gang of Four Design Patterns for OOP, I've been re-thinking almost everything I've built in terms of more clear design patterns.

My first attempt at redesigning my existing applications is my refactoring of my TODO cataloging CLA

Specifically I split out the loading of configuration parameters from the main function into a separate function that, regardless of whether a config file or command line args are used, returns a dictionary of parameters in the correct formats.  It may seem basic but I figure it's a good place to start.
Nov 01, 2020
Built a Ruby CLI
Created a script
Created a command line interface
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I created a CLI game in Ruby based on The Sims. Check it out on GitHub: