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Sep 09, 2021
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Well isn't this exciting 😃
I'm Joff. I'm new here. Hey. 

I'm a Lead Infrastructure Engineer who came from a Sys Admin background.  I right click on stuff to fix it but I also work in sprints and use Git. 

I (like you, I imagine) am one of those who thinks that I have nothing to offer to the tech world. I'm not good enough. Other people have done it before. They've done it better. I'm always trying to catch up. 
I realised a long time ago that everyone feels like they barely know what they're doing. Feels like everyone else knows more than them.  We feel like we can't keep up because the world of tech moves so fast. That's what makes it exciting. That's why we love it. Isn't it?

I'm slowly beginning to realise that we all have something to offer.  How times a day do we Google an error message, a problem or a process we are trying to get our aheads around? Someone had to give up their time to get you the answer in 0.00034 seconds (does anyone ever notice that on Google these days??)

So I came here. Maybe I can offer something. Maybe it's irrelevant to 99% of you. Maybe it's terrible. But. It might just help someone.

Aug 07, 2021
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Joined Polywork after seeing an old acquaintance from college post about their funding success. 

Seems neat. I love hiring people with atypical resumes who have interesting, diverse talents and experiences. The more iconoclastic the better! 
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New fun pastime, listening to Vaporwave while poking about on Polywork (also going to test the Twitter posting feature with this)