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Oct 15, 2021
Created a video explainer
Wrote content copy
On Fridays a colleague and I focus on frequently asked questions in the Medicare space. Today is the beginning of the annual enrollment period and the video highlights why that's important for someone on Medicare and where they can find a Licensed Medicare Agent.

To make the video I use a mix of @Volley screen recording and @Capcut for editing and b-roll.
Sep 17, 2021
Published a YouTube video
Video editor
I put out a video this week with a fast turnaround on a huge announcement. Making videos during a pandemic is...a whole thing. But we make it work!
Sep 07, 2021
Joined an Early Adopter Program
Video editor
I'm super excited to check out Polywork as one of the first early adopters. And look, I'm sure Titan is great. 🔥 😎 🤖 But... Fred and Frankie are obviously my top assistants. 
Designed illustrations
Created a 2d animation
Motion Graphic
Created a video explainer
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Developed an animated explainer video on behalf of the African German Youth Initiative's new E-Learning platform proposal for funding from the African Union.

Motion Graphic
Created a video explainer
Created a 2d animation
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Developed an animated explainer video for Bloom Care a care facility management app - that allows care-givers and managers to manage their tasks within their care facilities.

This was done in collaboration with Mohara Ventures and Pegasus Care Facilities.

Link to storyboards and animation on my website.

Jul 29, 2021
Created a video explainer
My first public talk and presentation