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Feb 20, 2021
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Configured Vim
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Configured Vim
My init.vim

This is how a month old vim config file looks like. At this point I am confident enough to use vim as my day job text editor. I used to have a vscode window open for when I need to do something quickly. Not anymore!

Even if I were not an obsessive person that I am, I think this form is far from finished. I am still perfecting my workflow, while learning vim concepts on the fly. I could live with it, but it's not yet in the efficiency level that I want it to be.

I already have in mind concrete improvements to make. Some are concepts that are waiting for me to learn and integrate to my workflow: folding, autocommand (to be precise, I think this is how you achieve filetype-specific keymaps), spellchecking, better git workflow (for example, "open all files that are modified", "preview all changes before pushing"), and maybe purely aesthetical toggle font ligature.

I am so excited to come back to this space after a year. 🐱‍💻