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updated project
Working with Vue.js
Built a PWA
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Update VAPI 0.7.1 (WIP)
- Update style and colors on light mode & nav
- Display user settings on home view 🎛️
- Add glass blur

In development, but available on netlify
Built a Design System
Built a Vue Design System component
Built a UI component library
Building a VueJS app
Building an app
Built a feature
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Built a custom Toast component for our Design System

As part of an interaction, I decided to build our own custom 'Toast' component. I designed this in Figma and built it with VueJS and TailwindCSS.
Oct 01, 2018
Working on a new product
Built something new
Wrote a New API
Building a VueJS app
Build Nodejs Backend Service
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You're following all Spartan Race around the world and you want to bet on the next winner ? ->
Attended an event
Learning Nuxt
Learning Vue.js
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Attending the 2021 Nuxt Nation Conference, learning all I can about Nuxt & Vue!
Aug 31, 2021
Working with Vue.js
deployed to netlify
Web Development
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I deployed my first Vue JS project, a simple temperature converter, on Netlify for the first time! 🎉
Working with Vue.js
Using Vue3
I just finished working on an invoice App using Vue.
Do well to check it out 👇🏽