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Goodreads Profile Analysis App

Use this app to prepare the next gift for your friends and family and I am sure they will love it 😍

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Talked about web performance
It took a couple of days but, I have reduced page load of an interactive mapping page from 3.1 megabytes to 50kb.


1. Large and complex SVG data was being included on every page load. I've deferred it entirely until the map is about to be in view, with intersection observer.

2. I've used @mapbox's simplify library to reduce the amount of points that make up each maps's subdivision border.

3. I've found that reducing the the precision of each lat-lng coordinate. works well for compressing a big geoJSON file. No need for 52.123123125 when 52.1231 is fine. Makes a big difference when there are thousands of points drawing points.

4. I pre-process the geoJSON data to delete unnecessary property fields, which also add a lot of data over 1000s of data points.

5. Instead of inlining data using Gatsby's GraphQL fetch, I created a static file written to the public directory, using a Gatsby transformer, and attached the files location to my content node. Sweet. (partially referenced in point 1)


Super snappy interactive maps that download very quickly.
Talked about Core web vitals
Talked about web performance
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Today I spoke about Web performance at RPA Latam trainee

I had a lot of fun today talking about web performance and core web vitals to the talented people joining the RPA Latam trainee program. I didn't know teaching is so satisfying!

I am looking forward for the next event!

Became a Google Developer Expert
Became a GoogleDevExpert
I am happy to announce that I am now a Google Developer Expert for Android.

Jul 14, 2021
web application
Many people I work with need an easy way to OCR images in many languages.  Tesseract does an okay-ish job on this task, so I created a little web app for my friends to use.  Please share if you know someone who might like this: https://eisenstein.apjan.co/  
Started 5 months ago
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It's been incredibly interesting and challenging to be developing/migrating Prezzybox's front end framework from AngularJS to Vue.

While we're at it, we're ditching Gulp and going all in on Webpack. 

Oh, and we're adopting TypeScript as well. 

It's a busy time 😅