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Feb 03, 2021
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Apr 26, 2017
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Delivered a web design for the CRXMC client consulting and business development.

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blk grrl kicks is LIVE!

Blk grrl kicks was brought to life in 2021, and while all are welcome to revel in the magic and culture, this space only highlights Black non-men sneaker enthusiasts; those most often excluded from the sneaker industry and its communities. This should in no way insinuate that the groundbreaking contributions men and non-Black folk have made in sneakers are not recognized, acknowledged, and valued here, we just do not center them as they are a predominant force in sneakers.

Blk grrl kicks truly belongs to and celebrates Black subversive sneakerheads who shop off the beaten path or mod and design their own sneakers, and the dedicated sole seekers always on the hunt for the next trend. We celebrate collectors with more pairs on ice than they wear on their feet, and the aficionado wearing holes into every pair. We celebrate folks who match their kicks to their decked out mobility aids, and folks pairing their Adidas sneakers and Nike sweatshirt with reckless abandon.

BGK is open for submissions!
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I've been doing some consulting and freelance work with an area independent weekly, Easy Reader News. This week we've launched phase 1 our Dining Guide, covering the restaurant scene in Hermosa Beach, El Segundo, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, and the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

Easy Reader uses WordPress with the Classic Editor. The guide uses the traditional WordPress template structure for the landing page and individual listings. Search results and the "Load More" feature use Fetch and the WordPress REST API.

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Our year-end giving campaign at Ithaca Children's Garden has officially kicked off! My second ever nonprofit capital campaign, and the first I've been able to lead on the Communications side!

The annual appeal is crucial to our small organization as we are not funded by the City, and so a looooot of planning {and tears} goes into our giving campaign. We're lucky to have the community support that we do; community support is vital in helping us sustain this safe, courageous, and kindhearted green space which aims to honor children wholly as they are. It allows us to continue facilitating and expanding our contemporary educational programs such as After School @ ICG, Gaia Circle, and our play immersion preschool, Playful Nature Explorers. Gifts given to the Garden means that another child has access to the essential, meaningful experiences that nourish their relationships with nature; like tasting a sun ripened tomato plucked directly from the vine, and discovering tadpoles in the Rice Paddy Pond. 
Each contribution is an opportunity for every single one of us to be change-makers in critical and necessary work. ✊🏾 I'm honored to be on this team, trusted with such a big task. I'm also super exhausted, and it's just getting started!
Oh, yeah - you can make a gift to ICG too and help us unlock a $40,000 match by December 17th! This is the highest goal we've set in ICG's history!
Communications & Marketing Coordinator, Ithaca Children's Garden
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Published So You're Trying to Survive a Nonprofit Capital Campaign on my personal blog.

The earlier you ask a nonprofit about their year-end campaign to manage everyone’s expectations, the better. Ask when planning begins, and no matter what they tell you, scoff and suggest starting three months earlier. Deadass. If they say “January.” ask “Why not October of the year before?”. Work on two year end campaigns at once, you might as well. Ask how the Board is expected to participate, and if you’re a troublemaker {please be a troublemaker}; how they feel entitled to participate as a governing authority as well as {likely} donors who overestimate the power their money buys them. Ask how they support their employees during a time that is already chaotic without the addition of a critical fundraiser. If an answer feels like a red flag – it is.