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Nov 27, 2021
Nov 27, 2021
Wrote a PDF Library remake using FPDF
So on the Year of 2020th I decided to create my own FPDF-based PDF Library or Framework. I then called it OrchardPDF since it is economic and based on sprouting gardens. It is currently Closed-Source for the meantime until I will establish my own Company called Technical Geek. Now since it is loosely based on FPDF, yes. It has a Password Protection Module and also there's a "Custom" Prompt when logging in into the PDF File with a Password. Once I release this as an Open-Source Community-based Library I will add documentations on how to use it. But for now, You'd have to rely more into the News and Features I will add into the Framework since it is currently unavailable. Maybe by Mid of 2022 or 2023 I will freely Open-Source a Partial Copy of it on Github found here:

So thats it, Good Day everyone!
Nov 25, 2021
Nov 25, 2021
Developed and Open-Sourced a CSS-based Text Portrait Generator
So on November 22, 2021. I developed an Open-Sourced CSS Text Portrait Generator due to its infamous demand and reputation here in the Philippines.. I created this for the fun and adventure of venturing more into "Open-Source", Now it took me only 2 days to deploy it on Vercel since I needed more time into File Handling via Vercel (since they dont allow read / write of files on their Platform).. For the Export Feature it basically uses the native localStorage on Javascript to fetch off the needed B64 Image from the Uploader. And now for the Upload Feature since I mentioned localStorage, it temporarily uses it as the Temporary Image Storage for it, more like a CDN (Content Delivery Network).. If you want to try out the Project, You may view it here via: but if you want to contribute you may need to do a Pull Request from here by forking the Github Repository of the Project via this URL:

So that's it!, Happy Reading everyone..
Nov 15, 2021
Nov 15, 2021
Wrote a CSS (UI / UX) Framework
So on the Year of 2020th, and my last Update was on April 11, 2021. I decided to create my own UI / UX Design Framework, I never based this on any existing UI / UX Framework there is available like Flutter and Bootstrap, However I made this to be a Platform-specific for my Forums Section someday.. Note, This Framework is based solely on User-Contribution for the sake of everyone's necessity. They can Load their Vendor-locked Websites using my Remote Fork Protection algorithm, Which I technically designed on how the Website / Framework works, Because specifically.. They can load their 3rd Party UI / UX designs from my Framework's Application by using a Token ID which is the Filename of their Stylesheets that are Deployed on the Framework's Eco-System and unto their Website's Relative Links HTML Tags..

So that's it, Have a Good Day!
Nov 11, 2021
Nov 11, 2021
Wrote a Template Processor Framework
  • phpJS is a type of "Template Processor" that will work both as a bridge for Javascript and PHP, It might function the same as NodeJS (since I will integrate asynchronous calls into it). However it is just a Template Processor Framework, which means it instructs Javascript Code to convert your HTML/CSS syntax into a Wireframe using a "Page Load" Algorithm then recalls all the remaining HTML/CSS elements into your App Page..

So I wrote this on October 27, 2021.. It is typically a Template Processor Framework which compiles JSON Array Wireframe into a nice and nifty UI / UX Design using the phpJS function constructor. I was at first eager to write this up in hopes of easing out my Articles Platform of where I usually do all my Writeups and News about CSS / HTML and Javascript Technology news-letters.. I designed this under the same influence as those of BigPipe Technology from Facebook.. But I will renovate some or all of the functions later on into a more flexible and agile Framework, by adding Asynchronous Calls into it much like the same as NodeJS.. But the catch is? Its not a Server-side Framework, rather a Client-based Rendering Framework..

Good Day! and Happy Reading...
Nov 08, 2021
Nov 08, 2021
Developed an Automated PHP-Developer's Kit
Hi there!

So on December 13, 2020. I developed a "PHP Extension's Writing" automation tool for Developers out there especially who are into PHP Dev. Basically, this Tool is Open-Source and "open" for contributions since I "publicly" uploaded it on a Github Repository for viewing. This tool I made eases out the need for CLI Commands, because it uses Shell as a the Primary Execution Command for the Open-Source Kit. It offers tons of helpful and yet user-friendly Bash / Shell-based CLI command tool.. I developed this out of curiosity since I was meddling with HHVM and Hack from Facebook. Then trying out some nifty tricks like a Transpiler Feature for PHP / C Language-bridge.. On December 14, 2020 I released the new version of it under the same Repository in hopes of helping out the ##php and #phpc community on IRC Node as a contributor..

So that's it, Good-day and Happy Reading!

Jan 01, 2021
Jan 01, 2021
Started a new role at Technical Geek
Excited to join Technical Geek as IT Consultant! 🎉
IT Consultant, Technical Geek
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