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Cameron Lee

15-year all-scratch chef w/Undergrad in Horticulture & Small Farm Management — proficiencies:
  • Dough production, calculus, and science (handmade pasta, sourdough neapolitan pizza dough, and artisan bread)
  • General fermentation (from sour cream to kimchi) and creating production schedules and procedures which clear local Health Code stipulations.
↑ No longer a line cook & will not be your sous; currently available for private chef work and events. ig@firm.mentor
Popups: ig@
roundeyeramen // ig@EarlyToRize

Mental Health & Disability Support Specialist
  • I help connect those in need with clinicians and local & federal resources and provide assistance with self-advocacy, drafting personalized Medical PoA forms, and filing grievance complaints. 
↑ Special interest and personal experience with autism, ADHD & neurodivergence, an array of sleep disabilities, and Traumatic Brain Injury. General "trauma recovery and personal enlightenment."

I'm very active on Discord, and am working on building a Mental Health Support & Care Team Assembly Guide server of my own.
I also run a personal server for running remote food workshops, answering general "Q&A/AMA with a Career Chef", posting video walkthroughs by request, and promotion of my personal (ramen & donut) popups.
  • Highly interested in collaborating with anyone on Discord projects, and could absolutely use someone who is confident with both: hack & raid prevention security, and bot programming. 👀 

IT Support Engineering, Network Administration, CSS3 Front-End Web Development, and CSR
+ Hardware management & installation, from-scratch tower builds, case modding and customization.
  • Subnetting, MS365 Administration, RSAT, MS Active Directory, MS Azure Active Directory, Virtual Machines, Imaging, Sandboxing, Help Desk Ticketing, Programming network desk phones... that sorta thing.

Please, please please do not hesitate to reach out to me. ♡
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Grabbing a coffee
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Creating a design system
Live Streaming
Producing a Podcast
Reviewing book proposals
Giving resume feedback
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Beta testing new products
Participating in User Research
Giving feedback on marketing copy
Peer editing
Designing logos
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Advising early stage companies
Fundraising for non-profits
Co-founding a company
Advising companies
Having a dinner party
Mock interviewing
Being a brand ambassador
Brand strategy consulting
Giving feedback
Planning digital ad campaigns
Sponsoring content
Sponsoring events
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Joining a book club
Beat Submissions
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Giving college application feedback
Study sessions
Going hiking
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Playing chess
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Designing Websites
Full time roles
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Graphic design
Just chatting
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Running statistical analyses
Being an extra in a film or show
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