Carlton Johnson PhD
  • @carlton_johnson
  • Small Business and Metaphysical Consultant
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • He/Him/His
Dr. Carlton Johnson is a provider of consulting, business intelligence and analysis, advisory at WaveRen LLC and metaphysical services at Spectrix Metaphysical Institute, Ltd. Co. He brings his full experience to each engagement and has established himself as a micro-enterprise expert. In 2019, Carlton added energetics as a practice and formed Spectrix Metaphysical Institute, Ltd. Co. Through Spectrix, Carlton provides energy-healing through the modality of Reiki through in-person and distance treatments. Additionally, Carlton utilizes principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnotherapy to provide coaching for individuals in breaking through their limiting beliefs. Dr. Johnson is a Savannah, Georgia native with strong connections in Atlanta, Georgia, Charlotte, North Carolina and Richmond, Virginia. He is an avid reader of non-fiction, enjoys studies in the natural sciences of astronomy, chemistry, and physics and studies in the fields of energetics and holistic healing.
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Jan 2021 - Present

Managing Director of Metaphysical Services, Spectrix Metaphysical Institute, Ltd. Co.