Chi Señires

  • @chisenires
  • Senior Product Designer @ AcadArena
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  • Metro Manila, Philippines
UX Designer & Front-end web developer from the Philippines. Currently a Senior Product Designer at AcadArena. Community Pillar Co-Lead @ UXPH. Figma Community Advocate @ Friends of Figma, Philippines. Cyclist. Twitch Affiliate @ ChiAwase.

Also started a Discord server called Tambayan 404 with her friends, which is the biggest community for Filipinos in Tech and tech enthusiasts to have fun, unwind, and not take life seriously.
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Senior Product Designer

  • AcadArena
  • Aug 2021 - Present

Product Designer

  • Cignal TV
  • Sep 2019 - Aug 2021

UX & UI Designer

  • TrueMoney Philippines
  • Jun 2017 - Aug 2019


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What Chi's working on


Nov 08, 2021
Nov 08, 2021
Became a Mentor
My mentor application got approved! 😳 I'm a verified mentor at 😊 Hoping I'll be of help to some, in whatever way I can!

[Book a session with me]
Oct 26, 2021
Oct 26, 2021
Live Streamed on Twitch
during my Twitch stream earlier, someone in Twitch chat informed me that I'm on the front page of 🙀😳 omg!! HAHAHA
This is my full reaction to finding out that I'm on the OMG.LOL front page, while on stream 😂
I need an OMG or Oh my God!!! counter for this lmao
and apparently I've been there for a few weeks 🤣 thank you for the feature 💖
Here's my page btw!
and of course would love a follow or sub mebe 🥺 👉👈 ✨
Oct 04, 2021
Oct 04, 2021
Published a Figma Community File
Created a Name Badge
Made my #Schema2021 Name Badge on Figma :3
Here are the links!: [Community File] [My Remix]
Sep 25, 2021
Sep 25, 2021
Wrote a Blog Post
Published a blog post
Sharing some thoughts I've had after reflecting on what I've gone through so far.
(also an excuse for me to share that I finally fixed the blog on my website weeee and though there's not that many posts on it yet, I hope this can be my space on the internet to share them :3)
Sep 20, 2021
Sep 20, 2021
Made a meme
Used figjam
Made a meme with some friends, a Filipino version of the "what do you want to measure?" flowchart in the context of Brits 😆

Made this in FigJam! If you want to steal it or just add to it, here:

Special thanks to Tambayan 404 for adding more to this after initially sharing it in our meme channel 😆
Sep 15, 2021
Sep 15, 2021
Launched a Product Feature
Launched a product
We recently launched AcadArena Scholarships, Aid & Power-ups!
Learn more at
See our available scholarships at 🎓
Our goal in AcadArena has always been to empower students to be the best they can be, and we're also doing this alongside our push to show how gaming can really be a force of good. 😄

Full credit goes to my teammates who started the work on this! When I joined AcadArena last month, this feature was already in the works. On my end, I helped out in making sure that what our team put together would launch with flying colors 🎉 

Looking at this experience as the start of something new and grand! Only one month in and I personally feel like we can do so much together. Now to continue the work to provide more accessible opportunities for student creators, leaders, gamers and those in need 😊🙏
Senior Product Designer, AcadArena
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