Ciara Foster

Hi! My name is Ciara. I'm a full time mortgage loan officer and content creator who left corporate America to pursue life as an entrepreneur. My work in the mortgage industry heavily influences my YouTube channel - a finance and lifestyle resource for aspiring entrepreneurs and young professionals. My bachelors in neuroscience, masters in business, and over 10 years experience in research and social media have developed my unique perspective on topics ranging from beauty to the stock market. I hope my example inspires others to create their own definition of success and my knowledge equips them with tools to do so. I am 35, a new homeowner, and currently living in Baton Rouge, LA. When not working, I enjoy travel, crafts, home decor and organization, and discovering the latest beauty trends. 
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  • Ciara Elaine Media, LLC
  • Sep 2010 - Present


Aug 20, 2021
Aug 20, 2021
Listened to a song
I listened to "Magic Hour" by Jhene Aiko. She is my favorite artist of all times. I got VIP tickets to her concert last year but it was cancelled due to the pandemic. I'm hoping to hear her in concert soon to make up for the missed concert. Her music is super soothing. 

She also has some really great collabs and makes music for just about every mood. It's funny how I can listen to her when I'm happy, sad, in love, angry, calm, in love, and just about any emotion you can possibly feel.

I look forward to the days we can go to concerts again. I truly miss seeing artists perform LIVE in concert. There is something very magical about being in an artist's presence that you don't get from listening to music digitally. 
Aug 18, 2021
Aug 18, 2021
Spoke on YouTube video
Created a vlog
Made a new YouTube video
+ 1
I uploaded a YouTube video documenting a day in my life as a full-time YouTuber. What sets me apart, however, is that I am also a full time Mortgage Loan Officer. It's tiring! I always get questions about how I do it all....and to be honest- sometimes I don't know myself! haha

What I do know, is that it takes ALOT of planning, scheduling, help, and sacrifice. This year I learned to manage my time carefully based on what I can and cannot complete alone. I learned to outsource what I can, take breaks when needed, and implement self care so that I don't get burned out. 

Being a YouTuber and MLO is stressful and hectic at times, but SO worth it. I can use both sides of my brain and tap into the creative and analytical sides. It's my "perfect reality".
Aug 12, 2021
Aug 12, 2021
Bought a house
I closed on a brand new house. It took about 6 months to build and I was able to put my very own touches on it along the way. This is a big accomplishment for me because it validates my teachings and work in the mortgage industry. It's important to practice what you preach so this felt amazing. 

I am still working on decorating and organizing and it will certainly be a process. I get frustrated because I'd love to snap my fingers and have everything be exactly as I want it. I have, however, learned patience and the process is half the fun! 
Jan 11, 2021
Jan 11, 2021
Founded a new company
I started my own media company this year- Ciara Elaine Media, LLC. This is by FAR one of the things I'm most proud of in my career. Although I had done YouTube and other tv related projects for years, I wanted to legitimize it as a true business and secure the advantages that come along with it. This has been on my "bucket list" for years and I finally made it come true!

My advice for anyone wanting to start a business is to just do it. Prepare by researching the industry, understanding what you need to be successful, and step out on faith!


Sep 22, 2015
Sep 22, 2015
Spoke on a magazine interview
I was featured in a local paper for my work on YouTube. Who knew a fun hobby would turn into a passion and career?! It made me proud to realize that all the hard work I had done was being recognized on a large scale. When I started YouTube, I never did it for clout or money. I did it because I loved it and would have done so without any reward. I think that is one of the things that has made me successful. 

In creating content, I've always tried to think about topics or information I would benefit from. Ironically, it helped other people too. I'm always asked what my tips for YouTube success are. PASSION! Let your passion lead you and the rest will follow. And I am a perfect example of that.


Jun 01, 2012
Jun 01, 2012
Earned an MBA
Completed a Degree
I got my MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Management. If you're wondering's because I wanted to be a pediatrician and have my own practice. While I've always been intrigued by science, I also had a curiosity for business. This degree helped tie both together. Although I didn't go into pediatrics, I did transition to Neuroscience research and eventually a STEM advisor at a top tier University. I ended up using my degree in a way I never thought I would! 

Now I use all my degrees, knowledge, and experience to lend help to those who can benefit from it. It also gives me a degree (no pun intended) of credibility when it comes to the methods I teach, products I use, and techniques I recommend. Those who listen to my advice can trust it because I have the knowledge and understanding to back it up. 
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