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Geraldine Lee

  • @geraldinelee
  • Website Designer & Content Marketing Strategist
  • Remote in Canada

TLDR some things I'm proud of

  • 235% increase in number of keywords ranked for within 6 months upon site revamp
  • Ranked a small business website to #1 on Google for several keywords
  • 340% increase in new leads
  • 53.86% increase in year-on-year web traffic

Hi! I am a content marketer and web design specialist. I'm currently based in Winnipeg, Canada, also known as Winterpeg for its absurdly wintry winters with friendly Manitobans. 

In my past life as a summer gal in tropical Singapore, I've been an assistant director/producer on film sets, content strategist and photographer. 

I love reading (scifi/fantasy/romance), movies, writing and photography. And if you're into Human Design, I'm a 3/5 Solar Plexus Manifestor. Say hi!

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