VP, Partnerships, GameOn
Mar 31, 2022

Seeking Software Engineer / Technical Co-Founder for Fitness Startup

We're building a text-based fitness platform and seeking a technical co-founder / software engineer to help finalize and ship the product. 
Side Project

为大学生提供简历 修改的服务

为大学生提供简历 修改的服务,免费!
Resume feedback request

Speak to our diverse community of developers at Codementor Events!

Codementor Events is a space where developers can host their own events and speak on topics they're passionate about, while our team helps bring an audience and handle logistics.  If you're interested in speaking to our community of developers, please contact me and share your topic(s). Previous event speaking experience is preferred.  Need examples? Check out our platform and past events at codementor.io/events
Event speaking
Community Manager, Miuul
Apr 15, 2022

Julia Data Science project volunteer

Hello, I'm thinking to make an RFM customer segmentation project with Julia, I will use UCI  Online Retail II dataset. But I don't want to make this project alone. I want to collaborate with someone from here, the community. Anybody interested express interest in the Polywork or ping me on LinkedIn  Don't worry it will be fun and we will learn DataFrames.jl together. 🤗 Requirements:  Passion for Julia  ❤️‍🔥 Some Data Manipulation experience (not necessary)
Side Project

Beta-testers for our Future of work app

DIWO takes teamwork to the next level by bringing together chats, tasks, notes, and calendars in one perfectly simple app https://diwoapp.com If you're interested in joining our beta testing, please live your email on the website
Beta testing
Co-Founder / CTO, Abo-Store.de
May 04, 2022

Looking for a co-founder (CMO) for abo-store.de

We recently launched the first version of abo-store.de - an online marketplace for subscription boxes in germany. Now we're looking for someone to join our team as a Marketing Lead / CMO. You will be responsible for designing and implementing a marketing strategy and drive traffic to our site. You will have a lot of freedom to try out whatever you think works best. Your profile: • You have some entrepreneurial spirit and are excited to start your own company • You have some prior experience with marketing • Ideally, you have some Knowledge in SEO / SEA, content marketing and social media marketing • Since we're currently only live in germany, you should speak german What we offer: • Co-Founder position with shares in the company • Lots of freedom to try out your ideas • A cool team with skills across the board • A product which is already live and has it's first customers Also, this is only the start of our journey. We have a lot more ideas what we can do with Abo-Store.de in the future an you can be a part from the beginning!  So if this sounds interesting to you, please just reach out - even if you don't exactly fit the description, I would be glad to hear from you! 
Co-founding a company

Guests on my podcast "The Reconfigured Podcast"

The Reconfigured Podcast was made for one purpose: sharing knowledge from like minded professionals to the general public at zero cost. When I started my technical career at the age of 17, I was fortunate enough to be around professionals from different fields whom have guided me on the right path and help me become the person who I am right now. Their guidance wasn't always technical, a good portion of them did provide advice regarding mental health, motivation, prep talk, preparing for an interview, and much more (I am thankful for everyone who did help me on my path) but unfortunately not everyone will have the opportunity to be around similar people which brings the purpose of this podcast. By sharing your knowledge and expertise, it will serve as a digital archive that would benefit countless newcomers on the long run and might change their lives for the better. We work on a review basis where you can share your Linkedin profile and your work/contributions and we would form an episode together. The whole point of the podcast is to share your extensive journey in a 1-2 hour episode. Anyone who thinks that he/she/they can provide benefits for the community is accepted Once you accept the opportunity, I will send you all the questions to an email address of your choice where you can review them in your own time. You can edit, remove, add questions the way you like We did two episodes with two Amazon employees (AWS specifically) where they did provide their experience and their journey which you can review on https://www.reconfigured.stream (youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB9O8XKa6bqqTo-iywYODSg)
Speaking on a podcast