Kalina Silverman
  • @kalina
  • Santa Monica, California
*Looking to connect with people:
  • experienced in ed-tech and corporate learning
  • who love to surf, try new things, & make music/art
  • I can help

Hi friends!

I'm Kalina from California!

I'm the Creator and CEO of Big Talk - all about skipping the small talk, to make more meaningful connections. :)

Big Talk is a global movement that includes a YouTube video series, Amazon exclusives card game, diverse corporate and university educational programs, and events around the world from Portugal to Australia to China to Trinidad and Tobago and South Africa. You may recognize some influential users of Big Talk such as Keith Urban or the Los Angeles Lakers. Big Talk has been adopted by mental health professionals, a US Senator's office, the U.S. state department, universities around the world from NYU Shanghai to Harvard Medical School, a jail education startup, and army veterans. Big Talk has appeared in the Huffington Post, USA Today, Forbes, NBC, Business Insider, The Washington Post, and more. My TEDx talk has over six million views on YouTube.

I'm also a U.S. Fulbright Cross-Cultural Communications and Empathy Research Ambassador (Singapore) and model! 

I love street art and live music, and you can usually find me painting, writing songs and playing the piano, making documentaries about strangers, or surfing across California! 

Say hello. I would love to connect. <3 
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